15 year old youtuber builds her own house amounting P1.2M

The mother posted online the accomplishement of her daughter ages 15 years old. The grade 9 students build her house for family that cost 1.2 million pesos.

The mother named Rosanne Sabas Pugal, The on who post in facebook in the group called Home Buddies is facebook community for home enthusiasts.

Rosanne's caption is "My 15 year old daughter builds her own house. We didn't expect 36 sqm lot area 2 storey plus a roofdeck, 4 bedrooma and 2CR and bath."

How can teenager builds her own house? According to the post of Rosanne her daugther became content creator in youtube.

"She starts in making contents since August 2020, She saved money to support her family and everything their needs in times of pandemic."

They did not expect their daugther can build a house by making videos online and it is a big help to sustain their needs in the time of pandemic.

Moreover, while making contents, she also sells product online. Her name is Siyasi Love Marie Sabas Pugal a honor student in her school.

How can Love Marie earned money? According to her the total cost of their house is almost 1.2million pesos.

What are the contents of Love Marie? It's all about video games Gacha life and also short video animation that features anime-style character.

Love Marie has K-pop mechandise for her online selling business. Her mother shared experience when they lost their job last March 2020, They used to sell street foods like kwek-kwek and corndog.

Her daugther offers to pay groceries, electric and water bills. "My daughter's earnings saved in her own bank account, her savings is reduces when we need to pay bills." 

Love Marie is not a luxurious type of kid that why she saved a lot of money. Moreover, she also supports her sibling to their needs.

Rosanne ends her message saying that "This is not brag, I'm just proud on what my daughter achieved in her life. She is just a 14 years old when starting to build the house and how she is 15 the house is aldready finished.

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