Daughter of fisherman and fish vendor, graduates as magna cum laude

Five years since she went viral online as she graduated as magna cum laude, Regine Cañete Villamejor, is still making noise on social media because of her life story that inspires and motivates many people. 

Regine was first known in 2017, when she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Commerce, Major in Communication and Marketing with Latin honor despite her and her family's struggles in life. 

The 25-year-old lady from Argao, Cebu recalled that they were never rich when she was a child. As a matter of fact, for them to have proper meals every day, his father, Mang Raul, have to catch fish in the sea which her mother, Aling Mary Jane, would sell on the streets.

Regine would usually help her mother back then to sell fish after school.

“It was at an early age that I realized how life was. While selling fish, I always kept telling myself that I had to finish college to help my family and my siblings," Regine narrated.

The daughter also admitted that she thought of giving up school then but she simply can't because of how her father was working hard just to give her the opportunity to continue her education.

"My father told me one time that he wanted to sleep more, but he said he had to work hard in order for me to continue my studies."

To not put her parents’ efforts to waste, Regine studied very hard to get a scholarship that will help her in paying her tuition fee. In 2017, she graduated from college with flying colors making her family very proud of her.

Right after graduating,  Regine was able to work in a food manufacturing company in Cebu City. With her monthly income, she was able to support the education of her two younger siblings.

“When I started working last 2017, I alloted a portion of my salary to date my siblings. Fast forward to today, Ramer [Mechanical Engineering] is now graduating in college. While Jonard will be in 3rd year college puhon [Electrical Engineering].

“I did my best to be a good example to my siblings para hindi manghinayang ang parents namin sa pagpapaaral sa amin.”

Apart from her current job, Regine is also earning from being a content creator on Youtube. She creates inspirational videos for her viewers to inspire and keep them motivated. 

Regine always reminds people who came from poor families to not be ashamed of their status in life and to not give up their dreams no matter how challenging life could be. 

“I am not ashamed to sell fish. My friends know about it but still they accept me for who I am.

“If I did not go through those challenges, wearing the toga will not be worth it.

"We should not give up. Poverty is not a hindrance in achieving our dreams.”


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