3 full-time moms in Sorsogon, finished senior high school

Three mothers from Bulan, Sorsogon are now serving as inspirations to many people as they graduated from senior high school on June 28.

The graduates include the housewives Rosanna Altarejos, 34, Mirafe Grantos, 48, and Corazon Gludo, 36. All of them finished senior high school at Faustino G. Glua High school.

According to them, they found it hard to focus on their studies because even when they are in school, they cannot help but think about their children.

But in spite of their responsibilities as mothers and their status in life, they strived hard to get their high school diploma.

The three completed their junior high school education through the alternative learning system (ALS) offered by the Department of Education.

They are also interested in entering college to achieve their respective dreams.

Source: Euro Tv Philippines

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