Isko Moreno declares BBM inauguration holiday in Manila

Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso announced on Thursday, June 23, that June 30, 2022, will be a special non-working holiday in Manila City for the inauguration of the incoming President, Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

In Executive order no. 53 signed by Domagoso, June 30 is declared as a special non-working holiday "to ensure the safety, security, and protection of participants" in the momentous event.

It added that the city government will have to close various thoroughfares within the perimeter of the venue which will affect the flow of traffic of both motorists and the riding public.

The executive order further stated that the declaration was made to give the citizens of the country and the residents of the city of Manila, a "full opportunity to witness and welcome this significant event in the life of the nation."

The inauguration of President-elect Marcos Jr. will be held at the National Museum of the Philippines where former presidents Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, and Manuel A. Roxas were inaugurated in 1935, 1943, and 1946, respectively.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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