Here's how much the highest elected gov't officials in Ph earn in a month

Many individuals are very eager to get themselves a position in the government, as evidenced by the past elections in Philippine history. They will do everything before and during campaigns to the extent that they will spend thousands or even millions of money. Some would even destroy their opponent's reputation just to increase their chance of winning the election. Others would go far by committing immoral acts such as vote-buying and worst - killing.

Politics is a crazy world. Being in a government is stressful and problematic especially if you are one of the highest officials in the country. You have to be proactive, decisive, flexible, strong, brave, and other qualities that people would expect you to be. Critics would treat you as a villain even if you did nothing but good and you have sacrificed so much for the country than for your family. So, why is the clamor for government positions?

Maybe, the reason why people would like to enter politics is because of money.

Undeniably, the salary that a government official could get in a month is pretty good and attractive. According to GMA News,  senators, and representatives could earn a monthly income of P273,278 to P312,902. If they are appointed to a higher position like Senate President and House Speaker, their salary could go up from P325,807 to P374, 678.

Meanwhile, a vice president could receive a salary ranging from P325,807 to P374,678. On the other, the president could earn roughly P411,382 to P423,723 every month. Being in the highest position in the government, of course, you will also have the perks of getting the biggest salary.

The digits are quite high, right? This could go larger depending on their conscience. I think you know what I mean.

But of course, we could not generalize that all politicians would want to be in the government just because of money. Some are elites and already rich but still, they vie for positions.

Maybe because they possess intense passion and dedication to serving people. They want to widen their influence so they could help more citizens and they aim to obtain more power to create changes for the best interest of the Filipinos. 

How we wish every politician have the purest heart for the people and the country. 


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