This man takes up law because his father abused and accused of murder

Every individual who decided to study law surely has unique reasons behind it. For Rofel Bayaga Kiamco, what inspired him to become a lawyer is the dark and saddening experience of his father who was "maliciously" accused by the authorities. 

According to Kiamco, his father Ruben got involved in a fight against 10 men. Because of this, he was charged with attempted murder and frustrated murder.

His case remained pending in the Regional Trial Court Branch 25 and Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Catmon until he died in 2013 due to cancer.

“His death caused me sorrow and grief, which struck me because he died without a lawyer in the family to defend him in court—except a lawyer from PAO," wrote Kiamco in a Facebook post where he shared his story.

“That malicious imputation by the police squeezed my heart, and on his grave, I made a vow to him to pursue law studies so that I may defend our family and the abused from the abusers.”

In the grave of his father, Kiamco promised that he will be a lawyer for his family and help everyone achieve justice and fairness.

Kiamco did not fail as he was able to pass the 2020-2021 BAR exam and was able to officially pledge as a lawyer last May 2, 2022.


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