Pinay fruit picker in Canada earns more than P200,000 every month

An overseas Filipino worker from Australia is having a good harvest of her hardship as she earns 6,000 Australian dollars or more than P200,000 every month as a fruit picker.

Pinay fruit picker Mariel Larsen is only 22 years old and is from the province of Siargao.

Mariel has made her way to Australia after she met her Australian husband, David, who is also a fruit picker on a certain farm.

When Mariel came to Australia, she immediately worked as a fruit picker. Together with her husband, they harvest a wide variety of fruits like apple, mandarin or orange, lemon, cherry, and blueberry.

The couple's earnings depend on the kind and quantity of their harvested fruits. But according to Mariel, she usually gets 6,000 Australian dollars or P226,000 every month for being a fruit picker.

"Ang pamimitas ay good charm. Kung ilan ang napitas mo ay doon po kayo binabayaran," said Mariel.

"Very physical ang pamimitas. I feel like I climbed in the mountain every day, sa sobrang sakit ng katawan ko, legs, parang ayoko nang magtrabaho the next day," she added.

Mariel and her husband are currently living in a camper van together with their 2-year-old child. They are planning to buy their own house once they have saved enough.

The OFW is also supporting her family in Siargao. Because of her work, she was able to buy them equipment for fishing and build a house in the province.

Source: GMA News

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