OFW steals cash from work in UAE and then returns to the Philippines

An overseas Filipino worker from a restaurant in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates stole cash from his employer and then went home to the Philippines after. 

In the report of GMA News "24 Oras," the Pinoy worker disguised in the name "Celso" allegedly run off 9,000 dirhams or more than P130,000 from his work. 

According to Celso's co-worker and fellow OFW, "Andres," not his real name, the suspect said that he lost a huge amount of money in online sabong when the incident happened in April.

But since Celso is already in the Philippines, his fellow Pinoy workers in the restaurant, are the ones who have been paying off the money that he stole.

According to Andres, their employer has threatened them that they will not be able to receive their benefits if they are not going to pay the money that Celso took.

The operation manager of the said restaurant explained that they are obliging the OFWs to pay for the stolen money because they too are at fault in the incident.

According to him, the OFWs should have checked the keys for their backdoor where the suspect went in.

However, through a message, Celso defended himself and claimed that there is no concrete evidence that will prove that he stole more than 9,000 dirhams. He added that he plans to go back to UAE to file a case.

Andres wants Celso to be responsible for the incident because he and his fellow OFWs cannot accept the fact that their salary is being deducted for his actions.

Read the full story here: GMA News

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