80-year-old grandfather graduates junior high school with highest honor

Education has no age. This is what Lolo Teofilo Bonites Jr. from Marinduque proved as he managed to graduate from junior high school under the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

Lolo Philo, 80,  worked hard to finish his education despite his age and health condition.

With his dedication and passion to learn, he was even recognized as the 1st honor from their batch.

According to his mobile teacher, Lolo Philo has excellent skills in debating using the English language and also in public speaking.

Despite of him not being born during the modern age, Lolo Philo can also efficiently used technology just like the younger generation. He even has Facebook account and messenger which he utilizes when communicating with his classmates and teachers.

The grandfather is now advancing to senior high school. He plans to go to college as well to fulfill his dream of becoming a news reporter.

Source: Brigada News

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