Vice Ganda surprises random strangers with a shopping spree

Two lucky strangers have received an unexpected gift from the comedian Vice Ganda as the latter treats them to a shopping spree as his way of sharing his blessings amid the pandemic. 

In  his latest vlog, the "It's Showtime" host acknowledged the fact that many people have been tight on their budget because of the pandemic, hence shopping became out of their priorities.

"Maraming tao ang gusto ulit maka-experience ng shopping but since marami silang pina-prioritize sa paggamit ng pera, sini-skip nila for more important things to do," he said.

While his friend suggested for him to look for someone from the working class, Vice Ganda decided to just randomly choose two lucky people since "lahat naman deserving, di ba? Especially sa panahong ito, lahat deserving ng lambing from random people, lahat deserving ng tulong from random people." 

Vice ended up approaching two bank employees on the street because of their captivating smile even with their facemasks on.

The comedian brought the two to a department store where he spent more than P65,000. He also brought  a bike and a toy for the bank employees' younger family members. 

"Ang pinaka-criteria ko lang, gusto kong makakita ng naka-smile. 'Yung ngiti talaga nag-aattract siya ng positivity, ng luck. Kaya keep on smiling," he said.

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