Newlywed enjoys eating street food while still on their wedding attire

Many netizens find it cute seeing the couple Gabriel Bien and Glen Lorzano Librea  enjoying some street foods while they are still in their wedding outfits.

In the photos shared by their wedding photographer, Gabriel can be seen wearing a light-blue suit while Glen is dazzling in a white v-neck wedding gown.

Even their bridesmaid and groomsmen are captured savoring the taste of kwek-kwek, calamares, isaw, and dynamite.

According to the couple from Batangas, they have agreed to take some snaps while eating street foods because they were all hungry.

“Sinuggest ng photographer namin na, ‘Baka gusto niyong magtusok-tusok tayo doon?’” 

“Yung mga abay namin that day, napagod na sila kasi nga yung lunch time pa yung last namin na meal.”

Gabriel and Glen also admitted that the photos are significant to them because they both love eating street foods.

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