Man gets dump by wife because of being a garbage collector

Nothing is more painful than getting left by someone who you thought will be with you through ups and downs. But this happened to a man who  trended online because of his heartbreaking story.

Businessman Shiwen Lim shared on his social media account his encounter with a middle-aged man who rides in his bike to collect garbage that can still be sold in junk shops.

While conversing with the man, Lim learned that the garbage collector is a father who tries to earn a living so he could provide for them.

The man usually earns P30 to P100 in one whole day of working under the scorching heat of the sun. That small amount of money is what he uses to buy his kids some food.

When Lim asked about his wife, the garbage collector shared that his partner left him because of his job.

"Wala na lumayas na. Walang kita eh. Mahirap ang buhay," he said.

Because Lim was moved by the man's dedication and hardwork, he gave him some money so they could buy more rice and have a good meal to eat.

"Hinihintay ka niyan ng mga anak mo? Bibigyan kita ng pambili ng bigas. Ano bang masarap na ulam para sayo?"

"Kunin mo pa to. Pang extra mo bukas. Bili ka ng maraming bigas. God Bless you, kapatid." 

The garbage collector was surprised and looked very happy that he received a blessing all of a sudden.

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