Chiz Escudero on parent-child conflict: 'Lahat ng magulang imposibleng hindi mahal ang anak nila'

Fifty-two year old  politician Chiz Escudero once again shared his inspiring words of wisdom to the netizens as he and her wife, Heart Evangelista, talked about various topics that every adult and family experiences when it comes to handling relationships.

In the over 37-minute video, the two tried to answer how families can maintain a strong bond when it is impossible  to get away from problems and how they should deal with 'toxic' or problematic family members.

For Chiz, when being confronted with a situation with "toxic" family members, it is okay to keep a healthy amount of distance from them.

"Get away from it all and do something about it.

"Get away from the shackles. Get away from the chains. Learn a trade. Learn how to handle your own money. Learn how to live life."

"At the end of the day, your parents and siblings will always be your parents and siblings. If you're going through that [family problems], find a way to get away from it. Not to run away, but to get away from the situation without necessarily fighting, without necessarily arguing"

At the end of the day, according to Chiz, whatever problem between siblings will be resolved and whatever misunderstandings between the parents and the children will be settled out because "hindi ako naniniwalang may magulang na hindi mahal 'yung anak nila

"Minsan lang siguro napapariwara o naliligaw ng landas pero at the end of the day, lahat ng magulang, lahat ng tatay at nanay imposibleng hindi mahal o minahal 'yung anak nila," he said.

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