Francisca Susano, 'Oldest living Filipina' dies at 124


Lola Francisca Susano who is considered to be the oldest person in the Philippines and even in the whole world has died on Monday (November 22) at the age of 124, as confirmed by the local government of her hometown.

According to the city government of Kabankalan in Negros Occidental, Susano, also known as Lola Iska, died at around 6:45 pm. And based on the report of CNN news, the local health office has yet to disclose her cause of death.

Susano's declaration as the world's oldest living  person was still being verified by the Guinness World of Record.

Susano was born on Sept. 11, 1897. She has no birth certificate due to wars and explosions that have happened during the Spanish and American colonization.

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