OFW who goes back to Ph, not recognize by his own father

After three years of not going home because of her work in South Korea, this overseas Filipino worker (OFW) decided to go back to the Philippines to surprise his father on his 58th birthday.

However, her father did not recognize her  when she approached him in person after how many years of being away from one another.

According to the report of "On Record," Fritch Inalisan is the youngest child in their family and a proud daddy's girl.

She flew to Seoul, South Korea in the year 2017 to work as a factory worker so she can help her family.

After more than four years of working, she decided to resign and go back to the country because of her  health condition.

Fritch instructed her father to go to the mall to receive the “lechon” for his birthday. But little did he know, it  was her daughter that was waiting for him and not the lechon.

At first, he did not recognize her daughter but when Fritch spoke, the father bursted into tears and welcomed her with the tightest hugs. 

Source: GMA News

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