Newlywed couple receives P1.6 million cash as a gift from the bride's lola

This bride may be a certified lola's girl because of how big is the amount of money gifted by her grandmother on her wedding day.

In a viral video, a newly married couple is doing a traditional "money dance." Everyone was surprised when the grandmother, Lola Deling,  brought a luggage bag containing a lot of one thousand pesos, each sealed in a clear plastic forming a cape. 

According to Maria Alinette Coralde Suaverdez, one of the cousins of the bride, the total amount of money is P1.6 million making the couple an instant millionaire.

She added that their Lola Deling has spent P3 million already for giving her other grandchildren monetary gifts on their wedding day as well.

Suaverdez described their grandmother as a very kind and humble person. Although it seems that she really has a lot of money, Lola Deling loves living a very simple life.

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