Alex Gonzaga confirms miscarriage on her first pregnancy

After how many days of rumors, actress-vlogger Alex  Gonzaga finally broke her silence and shared to the public a saddening news of miscarriage.

On her Instagram account, Gonzaga said that two months ago they found that she was pregnant with her first baby with husband Mikee Morada.

Unfortunately, three weeks ago they got "heartbreaking news that we might be having an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum)."

"Our doctor advised us to wait for the process to naturally take its course. So we had to wait for a while for the pregnancy to finally end before we can tell our story," wrote Gonzaga.

"Everyday we were clinging on to a miracle that an embryo would still appear but last Tuesday (Oct12), the Lord’s will prevailed and we finally closed the book of our first pregnancy," she added.

Although the first pregnancy of the actress failed, she remains faithful and grateful to the happiness she and her husband had when they knew that they were having a baby.

Many of her co-actors and actresses like Lizz Uy, Rica Peralejo, Jessy Mendiola, Mariella Padilla and many others sent their sympathies and words of hope to the Gonzaga-Morada.

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