Pinay in US saves P75,000 a month by getting foods from dump sites


There is wealth in wastes.

This is what Filipina Rona “Inday Roning” Meloche is proving as she makes a life together with her American husband and child in Florida,  USA.

Inday Roning is a proud dumpster diver who scavenges foods, products, and other useful materials from the thrash.

According to the Pinay dumpster diver, she usually gets fruits, vegetables, organic eggs, meats, processed foods like sausages, bottled juices, condiments, and snacks by just searching among wastes thrown by establishments or some households.

There are times that she finds make-up items, chips, bags of chocolates, noodles, brand new novels, and even electric equipment such as a hair dryer.

Since the foods that she collects from dumpsites are not yet expired and still can be eaten, she and her husband save about $1,500 or P75,000 in their monthly expenses.

She also usually puts some of the items she gathered from dumpsites in the blessing boxes so people who are in need can benefit from it.

“Naengganyo rin po ako dahil sa dami ng pagkaing tinatapon at nakikita ko rin sa daan. Kasi nga maraming gamit na tinatapon, kaya po naengganyo po ako diyan sa dami po,” share Inday Roning when she was featured in Eat Bulaga’s “Bawal Judgemental” segment.


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