LOOK: The timeless beauty of Jackie Lou Blanco at young age of 14

It does not look like puberty hits veteran actress Jackie Lou Blanco so hard as evidenced to her dazzling and fresh looking throwback photos of her 14 year-old self.

On Instagram, Blanco, 57, had the netizens gush over her beauty when she shared a picture of her in a bikini when she was only 14.

“Carefree at 14! This is a picture from a beach trip with my mom and Monching. So many things have happened since then. At the end of the day, I try to remember to be grateful for all the lessons learned along the way and to cherish the moments spent with family,” captioned Blanco.

In a separate post, she teased her fans with another throwback photo with a message to her young self saying "If I had a chance, I would tell myself to just enjoy and be open to new experiences.”

Even famous celebrities are mesmerized with the classic beauty of Blanco ever since she was still young.

“Beautifuuuul. Imagine a beautiful, talented, kind girl pero shy?!!! I was also shy but bec. I was fat!!! Hahaha,” Rita Avila said in the comment section. 

"Classic!!! So beautiful talaga," Dimples Romana complimented.

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