LOOK: Mom gives birth while baby still inside the amniotic sac


An "en caul birth" is a situation in which a baby is born that is still inside the amniotic sac.  En caul birth is very rare that only one in 100,000 babies born experiences it.

One of them is baby Noah Valasco who was born at Praia da Costa Hospital in Vila Velha, Brazil.

Baby Noah was born to his mother Monyck Valasco via a caesarean section delivery. From the photos taken by Brazil, Baby Noah can be seen being taken out of his mother's womb with the amniotic sac still wrapped all over his body.

En caul birth is said to rarely occur with caesarian section deliveries.  This is because the scalpel that doctors use often pierces the amniotic sac that houses babies.

The mother saw how she gave birth to her baby through a TV screen, said Monyck.

The priceless moment was captured by a birth photographer Jana Brasil.

According to photographer Jana Brasil, she couldn’t explain how she felt while filming Baby Noah’s strange situation.  Even more so and it seemed to bring her face closer to the camera and pout her lips while still inside the amniotic sac.

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