Rider collects coins to buy oxygen tanks for his child with epilepsy, cerebral palsy

"A parent will do everything for his child."

This is what the father, Joseph Rapiz is proving now as he strives to lengthen the life of his 12-year-old son who is suffering  from focal structural epilepsy and cerebral palsy quadriparesis. 

Rapiz's son, Jammier, has been depending on an oxygen tank for three years already in order to breath. 

A 50-pound-tank can only last for two days for Jammier and every refill cost P600 pesos. Approximately, in a month, Rapiz spends P16,000 including the other necessities of his son such as his medications and diapers.

Rapiz, being a delivery rider who only earns P400, knows for a fact that he is not financially capable of constantly providing for the needs of his child.

But this did not make him give up on taking care of Jammier. As a way to raise funds for his son, Rapiz collects coins by offering coin banks to individuals and offices.

Fortunately, there are kind-hearted people who volunteer to help by giving them coins making it possible for Rapiz to collect P1,500 to P2,000,  enough to buy three oxygen tanks for Jammier 

His wife also decided to seek help in social media, and started to sell goods to boost their income.

"Hangga't nabubuhay po kami, hangga't nandyan siya, lalaban po kami," said Rapiz in his interview on i-Wittness.

"Kasi kung siya nga, 'yung sakit niya nilalabanan niya e, kami pa kayang magulang?" he added.

For those who want to help, here are the following details:


Magdalena Rapiz



Jammier Miguel A. Rapiz


Source: GMA News

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