IN PHOTOS: Judy Ann Santos's adopted daughter Yohan is turning into a fine lady

Although raised by her unbiological parents, the adopted daughter of actress Judy Ann Santos is not, and will never lack love, as obviously shown by what kind of young lady she has turned to be right now.

Johanna Louis Agoncillo, commonly known as Yohan, was adopted by Judy Ann when she was just 26. Later on, her husband Ryan Agoncillo went to legally adopt the kid as well.

From a cute and bubbly baby, Yohan is now a 16-year-old girl who is being described by her parents as a wonderful and fun sister to her younger siblings Lucho, and Luna.

Photo from Judy Ann's IG account

According to Judy, since Yohan is now a grown up, at some point she also gets curious about the whereabouts of her biological parents.

The actress, however, is not stopping her daughter from looking for her parents and even assured her that it is just okay if she wants to meet her biological family as it is her right.

But right now, Yohan is focused on her responsibilities in school and also to her family. She does not have any social media account because her parents follow the platforms' rules and regulations that users should be at least 18 years old to open an account.

Photo from Judy Ann's IG account

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