61-year-old lola, begs to her 7 children to give her some help

A 61-year-old woman from Binao-Bao Tabucan Dumangas, Iloilo is begging her children to give her some assistance as she is struggling living on her own.

Lola Maria Mina Delapina Fernandez is just living in a small nipa house. She has no choice but to lie on her  wooden floor for 16 years already because of her illness.

She has seven children but none of them dared to take care of her.

In a Facebook live of Zarraga News Live Station, Lola Maria emotionally gave her message to her children.

Sincerely speaking, the old woman asked for forgiveness for her past mistakes and pleaded to help her in her daily living.

Lola Maria wishes to have a comfortable bed that she can lay down on. Fortunately, ZNLS gave her and even bought her a lot of grocery supplies. The team is also currently building her a new nipa house which is more comfortable than her current home.

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