Woman unexpectedly marries guy who stole a kiss from her 30 years ago

"Sana all pinagtagpo at itinadhana."

This will probably be the response of netizens today over the story of a man and a woman who met once when they were kids and ended up marrying each other 30 years later.

This is the  story of the couple Mela Rizo Roxas and Rex Byron Atienza Roxas who went viral years ago because of their interesting love story.

In a Facebook post of Facebook user Barbie Atienza in 2019, it was narrated that Mela and Rex once met when they were kids in Baguio City.

During their first encounter, Rex  suddenly kissed Mela even though they were strangers  to one another. Since then, they never met not until they were already adults.

"30 years ago this boy casually walked up to this little girl somewhere in Baguio, and kissed her on the forehead and then ran away. They never met again until a couple of years ago," wrote Barbie.

"They had absolutely no way of knowing that 3 decades after they would wind up as husband and wife. Amazing. Coincidence? Fate? Destiny? That's the magic of love.. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal," he added.

Now, based on the FB accounts of the couple, their love has grown bigger and that even gave them a cute little boy whom they named Mitos.

Even though their story was shared a long time ago, it still captivates the heart of the netizens especially those who are romantically hoping to meet their childhood sweethearts.

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