'Iniwan mo nalang basta': ABS-CBN creatives, write cryptic post amid Bea Alonzo's network transfe

Members of ABS-CBN Star Creative took their respective social media accounts to share their thoughts over an artist who recently transferred to their rival network, leaving a problematic issue for their company.

On Facebook yesterday, Friday (June 2), screenwriter Henry King Quitain, posted about an unfinished project which their company invested in for over a million pesos.

“Pag may iniwan kang project at gumastos na ang kompanya ng milyon. Sana bayaran mo na lang yung nagastos. Anyway siguro naman kikitain mo lahat yan. Kasi naghihikahos na nga kami, hindi naman biro yung itatapon na lang na pera ng kompanya kasi iniwan mo na lang basta," wrote Quitain. 

Screenshot of Quitain's FB post

On the same day, another member named Pao Flores also expressed her thoughts on Twitter also talking about the money that the network has already spent on the project that was just "ghosted" by the unnamed star.

“Promised myself I won't speak about this anymore, but I really did think about this so one last: it's the principle of leaving things hanging that's the problem, but if you factor in the money invested by the network that's wasted especially at this time, it's morally problematic,” wrote Flores.

Screenshot of Flores' Tweet

Although both Quitain and Flores did not specify the artist that they are talking about, many netizens speculate that it is about Bea Alonzo who recently shocked everyone for transferring to GMA 7.

In the comment section of Quitain’s FB post, someone named Joner Castro who exchanged conversations with him mentioned about the remake of Iglot, a GMA TV program in 2011 starring actress Claudine Baretto.

Screenshot of Quitain's FB post comment section

Baretto is a famous Kapamilya actress who also made noise due to her transfer to GMA in spite of her booming career in ABS-CBN. Alonzo is now being compared to her thus many are saying that she should better do a remake of "Iglot" like Claudine, whom they say “nalaos,” since she is now in the rival network.

On the other hand, Alonzo who was a Kapamilya for 20 years,  already clarified that she has no pending project  since it has been cancelled due to the pandemic. She added that she has not signed any contract for almost a year and it also took her months before she decided to leave her previous home.

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