16-year-old student now a millionaire after 1 year of being in online business

A Filipino grade 10 student is now serving as an inspiration to everyone for she just became a millionaire at the young age of 16 through the help of her online business.

The teenager Irish Oloris is an online seller of beauty products.

According to her, she decided to sell beauty products because she wants to help other people to boost their confidence amid the COVID-19 pandemic by enhancing their physical appearance.

Even though sometimes she struggles a lot in juggling between her studies and business, she still managed to maintain a balance between the two through the guidance of her mother Irene.

One year after her hard work, Irish earned her first P1 million and was able to buy a property in Zambales. Right now, she is continuing to save money for her college.

"One of my favorite quotes is 'Dream at a very young age' because there are no limits to dreams," said the young entrepreneur.

Source: GMA News

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