Pregnant wife loses baby, suffers injuries after husband pushes her off on a cliff

Almost two years have already passed but a woman named Wang Nan is still in the process of recovering after her husband pushed her on a cliff in Thailand causing her to lose her baby and suffer from severe injuries.

According to South China Morning Post, it was June 9 2019 when three months pregnant Wang was taken by her husband Yu Xiaodong near a cliff to see the sunrise.

When they reached their destination, Wang was surprised when her husband uttered the words "go to hell" before kissing her on the cheek and pushing her to the cliff.

When Wang fell on the cliff, she slammed on a thick layer of a tree before hitting a rock in Pha Taem National Park.

She remained unconscious for about half an hour before a tourist found her and she was rushed to the hospital.

Wang survived but has to suffer from 17 bone fractures and bone deformities. She was also forced to terminate her pregnancy due to the large doses of medication she had to take.

According to the Thai court, the motive of Yu for the crime is to get all the wealth of Wang so he can pay his gambling debts.

He was later sentenced by the court in Ubon Ratchathani province to a life imprisonment and was ordered to  pay compensation of about 1.1 million yuan (US$170,000) in March last year.

“I have healed mentally, but not physically… There’s such a gap between my mind and body now,” Wang said.

“I want the most severe punishment for him. He hurt his wife and his child… To some extent, my baby was killed by him,” she added.

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