Pamasahe tray' version of community pantry kicks off in Quezon City

Since many are being short of coins and actually has no money for their daily fare, a community pantry in Quezon City has dedicated a small container where people can donate their loose change for the benefit of others.

Any amount can be taken  conscientiously from the container by the commuters to help them reach their destination.

According to Albert Labrador who initiated the "community pamasahe," the idea was derived  from the singer-songwriter Gary Granada's post of a community pantry in Sikatuna PGX Fair Trade Market.

"We set it up because we felt that it was a need that could be addressed immediately and easily," Albert shared.

“We ended up with more change than we started with. This will be available to anyone passing by the street who needs spare change to make the ride home,” he added. 

Because of the pure intention of the project, the coins in the container continue to add up helping more commuters passingby.

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