Daughter seeks help online to find her missing dad working as seaman

Out of eagerness to unveil the truth, a daughter is now seeking for help online to find her father, a seafarer, who has been missing for a month already.  

According to the Facebook post of  Gerlyn Dayrit on Sunday (May 2), her father Sec. Mate Geronimo J. Dayrit went missing on March 28, 2021 while he was on 1 am duty in a ship which route is Australia-Singapore.

They have already asked for the assistance of her father's agency but they remain unconvinced with the investigation reports which were sent by them.

“We kept on asking for assistance and advice on how we could deal regarding this matter sa agency (Friendly Maritime Services Inc.). Binabalewala lang po kami,” wrote Gerlyn.

“They sent us investigation reports already, but my family really wants to know the truth behind everything,” she added.

The report seems to indicate that Geronimo intendedly jumped off the ship, however, the family can hardly accept it since they do not have any problems for their father to commit suicide.

“My dad would not dare to commit suicide. Sobrang bait ng papa ko, marunong makisama lalo na sa crew,” said Gerlyn.

With this, Gerlyn and her family believe that there is a foul play and that the agency is hiding some important information hence they decided to seek help online to reach various agencies like the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) that can assist them in conducting their own investigation.

As of the moment, Gerlyn's post is now garnering 65,000 reactions, and 67,000 shares on Facebook.

PLEASE HELP US FIND MY DAD 😭😭😭😭 Name: Sec. Mate Geronimo J. Dayrit My dad has been missing for a month already. March...

Posted by Gerlyn Dayrit on Saturday, May 1, 2021

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