Woman celebrating her ‘birthday’ alone disheartens netizens

Many netizens have remembered their parents and went emotional after seeing a video of a woman celebrating someone's birthday with a cake all by herself in a restaurant.

The said video went viral after it was shared by a Tiktok user with a username @jhayvee44.

Based on the time stamp in the video, the woman was seen in the restaurant last Friday (April 10).

Even though it is unclear, netizens assumed that the woman was celebrating her birthday because of the obvious sadness on her face.

At the beginning of the video, the woman can be seen talking to someone over her phone. She looked very sad as she was wiping her face as if there were tears, and shooking her head.

After a while, she opened the cake and searched something in the menu until she lit the candle and sang a birthday song alone while clapping her hands.

A smile was drawn on the woman's face when other people in the restaurant also sang and clapped their hands with her.

We may not know what is the real story behind the video but this served as a reminder to us that our parents need our presence on their special days.

Even if we are already old, we may always have time to bond and celebrate with them just like how they did ever since we existed in this world.



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