Policemen in Ifugao 'adopts' 90-year-old lola abandoned by her children

Kind policemen from Ifugao extended their hands to a 90-year-old  woman who is living alone after being abandoned by her own children.

The policemen from Kiangan Police Station were able to help the old woman,  Aida Paduyao, through the "Adopt a Family" program implemented by the Ifugao Police Provincial Office.

The Kiangan police supported this initiative of the Ifugao PPO in order to help  more people even if just for their basic needs.

In the said project,  each of the policemen will be tasked to  allot a minimal part of their salary to be used to purchase  some goods for their adopted or chosen family beneficiaries.

Even if some of the police are not from Kiangan, they are very eager and willing to extend their hands to people who are in need as a sign of humanity.

This simple act of Kiangan Police was first publicized last 2020 but up to this time, it continues to bring hope and reminder that policemen also have love and care for their mankind.


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