AiAi Delas Alas wears two-piece while cooking meal in new cooking show


Comedy Queen AiAi Delas Alas is now making another noise online after she flaunted her body while cooking a meal in her Hello Kitty inspired kitchen. 

In the first episode of her new show called "Cooking in the House ng Ina Niyo,” or "C.H.I.N," 56-year-old AiAi confidently wore a two-piece bikini as a twist for her "two-piece chicken" dish.

As seen in the video which was uploaded in her Youtube channel last April 4, there were a lot of hilarious moments captured including his husband Gerald who passed by with a confused look on his face.

Netizens also have a lot of varied comments with AiAi's twist in the pilot episode of her new show. As usual, some were pleased while others did not.

“Hahahaha dami Kong tawa Ms. Ali!!! Mga 400 na tawa hahahaha Sobrang meg enjoy ako sa cooking show na to. Deserve mo ng maraming views tlga,” said one of the viewers who enjoyed the show

"Ano nang nangyayari sa earth bakit andami nang dispirada para lang humakot nang viewers.kaylan tumanda saka nag feeling dalaga. Haiissst," wrote one unhappy netizen.