Pinoy Bayanihan: Community pantry spreads across the country to help people in need


Filipinos once again portrayed their "bayanihan" spirit after numerous community pantries started popping up to a lot of places all over the country to help everyone who are in need.

The pantry was initiated by varied individuals with a goal to supply the basic necessities of people who are financially challenged especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

The community pantry works by putting some tables, racks, or carts along the streets and encouraging people to donate anything they can and  allowing everyone to get what they need.

Some of the products being donated are canned good, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, bag of rice, water, instant noodles, and many more.

The good thing about the people who benefits from the pantry is that they limit the products they get so that other individuals could also have for themselves.

In deed, the bayanihan spirit of all Filipinos is still alive. Even during the most trying times, they will still manage to look after one another even if they share no relations.

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