OFW cries to Tulfo after knowing wife is letting other men sleep in their house

An overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia is now seeking help to broadcast journalist and host Raffy Tulfo after knowing that his wife is always having a good time with her friends and letting other men sleep in their house without his permission.

In an episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action uploaded on Youtube on Saturday (April 10), William Dela Cruz reported to Tulfo that while he is working hard to earn money in another country his wife has been unfaithful to him since 2017.

According to Dela Cruz, his wife Ladylyn, always drinks with her friends and even allows some guys to stay in their home which was built because of his hard work.

He added that Ladylyn also often leaves their children alone to go to his alleged boyfriend and only goes home whenever he is about to send their allowance.

Dela Cruz’s accusation were strong because of the pictures sent to him by one of Ladylyn’s friend as a proof that his wife is doing unpleasant things while he is away from work.

On the other hand, Ladylyn denied all the claims of Dela Cruz and consistently insisted that the men who slept  in their house are her friends’ husband.

As a resolution, Tulfo decided to coordinate with the Department of Social Welfare and Development to transfer the custody of the children to their relatives for the meantime. He will also  consult some lawyers to determine additional interventions appropriate for the case.


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