Family massacred in Bacolod city due to argument about debt


A family from Bacolod city was massacred by their own relatives because of debt according to one of their keens who witnessed the brutal crime.

Based on the report of GMA News "Unang Balita" on Friday (April 9), a Christian Tulot said that it is their relative Joel Espinosa and a man called Alias Bro who killed the family.

Alias Bro and Michael Espinosa, one of the victims, allegedly had an argument about debt. This later on led to Michael's death  together with his mother, child, and one of their aunts.

Tulot denied that he was involved with the massacre but he admitted that he stopped his aunt when this was about to ask for help because he had no choice since Joel pointed a sharp weapon against him.

Nevertheless, Tulot is now in the custody of the police and being considered as one of the suspects since there were also drugs that were recovered from him.

The authorities already have Joel in their custody but they are still on search for the identity of Alias Bro.


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