Former actress Beth Tamayo pregnant at 43 through IVF

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At the age of 43, former actress Beth Tamayo is expecting her first child with husband Adam Hutchinson as she is pregnant via in Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

On her Instagram post on March 21, Tamayo posted a picture of a sonogram with a  lengthy caption expressing her gratitude to her husband and all the people who helped her in her IVF journey.

Based on the picture, the baby is expected to be delivered by September this year.

According to Tamayo, IVF was never an easy path to be pregnant, nevertheless, everything is worth it in the end.

"Bout time to tell the world that WE ARE PREGNANT! It wasn’t an easy road getting here but boy it was worth it!" wrote Tamayo.

It was only on March 4 when Tamayo announced her marriage with Hutchinson whom she met in San Francisco.

Tamayo said, they have planned their pregnancy long before the wedding that is why even if it is pandemic, they pushed through with IVF so that they will still be able to take care of their child as long as they can.


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