BB Gandanghari shares grudge from family: 'Pinaparamdam para kang walang kuwentang tao'


Former actress and entertainer BB Gandanghari cannot help but to share how hurt she is from the kind of feeling and treatment that she has been receiving from her own family.

According to Gandanghari, she has been much appreciated from her avid followers than to his own keen.

Even  if she is living alone in California, her family in the Philippines would not even bother to ask how she is doing.

"Kasi sa pinaparamdam sa iyo ng pamilya mo, na para kang walang kuwentang tao. Na you don't deserve a call," said Gandanghari.

Fortunately, Gandanghari has a lot of people expressing their support to her thus she is being reminded that she matters and there is nothing wrong about her.

"Hindi pala ako abnormal. Itong feeling ko na na masaktan ako, na ganito yung feeling ko," Gandanghari uttered.

"Hindi pala ako dramatic, manhid lang sila," she added.

Gandanghari also hopes that someday she would make her family smile to her just like how her fans do.

Gandanghari, 52, formerly known as Rustom Padilla is the sibling of actor Robin Padilla, 50, and Rommel Padilla, 55.

In November 2016, she was legally recognized in U.S. court as BB Gandanghari and as a female.


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