Woman's face swells up, dies allegedly because of beauty product


Instead of becoming prettier and more presentable, a lady guard named Evelyn from Davao City has died with her face burnt and swollen after allegedly using a beauty product on her face.

In an episode of "Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho" last Sunday (March 14), the bereaved husband Romeo Aserdano narrated that Evelyn is really meticulous with her body especially with her face.

Ever since they started dating, Evelyn is really fond of using cosmetic and beauty products to enhance her beauty.

Unfortunately, one time after Evelyn used a certain beauty product, her face, including her eyes, suddenly became swollen. 

She was rushed in the hospital and that was when they found out that she got allergic reactions from the product that she used.

However, after four days, Evelyn was brought again to the hospital until her face appeared burnt and wounds and blisters showed up to her breast. She then began having difficulty speaking until  she eventually died.

Even if the family blamed the beauty product for what happened to Evelyn, a dermatologist explained that it is impossible that the reason why her skin burnt and had wounds and blisters is the product that she used. 

Dr, Meccar Moniem Elino, the physician-in-charge to Evelyn, also asserted that she was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis, a serious skin condition that causes skin peeling and blistering.

This cannot be acquired from beauty products being applied on face but on some medications being taken such as pain relievers.

Nevertheless, the Food and Drug Administration warns the public to be careful of the products being consumed especially now that there are a lot of beauty formulas being made available in the market without assurance of safeness.

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