Policeman in Manila, kidnapped; live-in partner seeks help to Raffy Tulfo


A policeman was just making his way home from a market in Manila with his live-in partner when he was suddenly kidnapped by armed suspects last February 24.

According to the partner hidden in the name "Anna," it was an afternoon when Patrolman Tesoro was forcefully taken in a van by armed men which are yet to be known.

She added that the suspects are also accompanied by a woman who keeps on warning her not to meddle in the situation.

Minutes after they went away, they came back to Anna and snatched her pouch that contains money amounting to P36,000.

In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that before the incident, there were two vehicles which seemed to be waiting for the policeman.

The case is still being focusedly investigated by the authorities especially now that this is the second incidence of kidnapping in the city. Last week a policeman in Binondo was also kidnapped by unknown suspects.

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