Man who ‘dies’ from severe accident, allegedly comes alive before autopsy

Minutes just before his scheduled autopsy, a man from India who was declared dead surprised everyone as he was found moving in the autopsy table, according to a health official on Wednesday (March  3).

Reports say, the 27-year-old man from Mahalingapur was severely injured in a motorcycle accident.

His condition was critical prompting his family to  bring him to a private hospital in the Southern state of Karnataka. But later on, doctors declared him dead and removed his ventilator.

The "dead" man was then moved to a government hospital on Monday (March 1) for a post-mortem examination. This is also the time when a pathologist witnessed the body of the man moving in the autopsy table, according to the family.

Subsequently, it was found out that the doctors from the private hospital made a mistake by declaring him dead and taking off his ventilator.

The man is fully alive and currently recovering in another hospital where he was admitted. The family has not announced yet whether they would file a complaint against the doctors.

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