Mother dies after giving birth to triplets

It is indeed a bittersweet journey for a husband who has his babies delivered successfully but also lost his wife in the process.


This is the fate of Joel Regal who trended online after he shared his touching message to his babies which are not only one or two, but three.


Regal's wife,  April died after delivering their triplets but it was not disclosed what specific condition contributed to her death. 


In his Facebook post on March 21, 2020, Regal said to his newborns that even though their mother is gone, they will always be guided with her love as their parent and a wife to him. 


He also said on his separate post that he knows the struggles that April experienced while having the three babies in her womb. With that, he promised to take care of their children and to fulfill the dreams they made together for them.


Losing your loved one who you also consider as your strength could really be the most heartbreaking and terrible experience that one can ever have. Nevertheless, Regal is still lucky that in the passing of April, he was gifted and left with three little angels. 


May he be strong enough to continue his life and look after their children the way April wanted them to be taken care of.

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