Exorcist priest warns possible possession from watching horror movies


A priest from St. Vincent Ferrer quasi-parish in Camanjac, Negros Oriental has warned the public about the dangers entailed on frequent exposure on real-demon based horror movies. 

According to Father Ronnie Ablong, last 2020 an allegedly "possessed" woman was brought to him for exorcism. 

With his team, Father Ablong investigated the background of the woman and found out that she was "possessed" because of their family's previous practice of witchcraft and "demonic acts."

When the priest performed exorcism, he said he was able to cast out 39 "demons" from the woman's body. He added that when he searched for the names of the demons that he chased away, he discovered that five of them are characters in some horror movies.

The five demons are said to be "Valak," “Esme or Cillen,” “Sylvia Ganush,” “Dina Walter,” and “Annabelle” which have all become characters in horror movies.

The woman confirmed that she watched all the movies where the "demons" existed that is why Father Ablong decided to warn everyone with the possible possession from watching and patronizing horror movies frequently.

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