4 men beat electric company worker to avoid disconnection of electric service

A worker of an electric distribution company who was just tasked to disconnect the electric service of one of their customers was beaten by four guys in Jaro, Iloilo City on Monday (March 15, 2021).

In the video that circulated online, it could be seen how the worker from MORE Power Corporation has been punched multiple times in his face and body by the customer and his three companions. His colleague tried to stop the guys but they just continued to attack.

According to the report of ABS-CBN News, the Jaro Police said that the suspect is scheduled to be disconnected from the electric service of the company because of an unpaid bill that already reached P26,000.

The company has already attempted several times to disconnect the suspect from their electric service but he always threatens the disconnection team.

The PNP has already arrested the suspect. He will be charged of direct assault to person in authority and physical injury. However, the police are still searching for his three companions who ran away after the incident.

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