Why is Heart Evangelista not yet getting pregnant with husband Chiz?

Actress and Queen of Creative Collaboration Heart Evangelista has been married to former senator and now Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero for almost six years thus many netizens wonder why the couple do not have yet their own child.

Many speculations have actually existed because of Heart not yet having a baby. Some would say that she and her husband do not even share the same room while others would claim that Heart does not want to be pregnant because she does not want to look old.

In her latest vlog, Heart enthusiastically busted these circulating “chikas” and  answered all other juicy questions being thrown to her about pregnancy once and for all.

According to Heart, she really wanted to be pregnant and have a baby but unfortunately, because of her husband's busy schedule as a public servant they are having difficulty making their own child.

Heart said, every time Chiz is around, her fertile period has already ended and she cannot be selfish by asking her husband to go home during her three to five days window of fertility just to make love and have a baby.

However, the actress playfully said that everyone should wait for her pregnancy news after the pandemic because she is about to do her option C which she did not elaborate more.

In May 2018, Heart was pregnant with twins but lost both of them just after announcing her pregnancy to the public. On the other hand, Chiz has already two children from his previous wife.

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