Policeman's pregnant mistress went to Raffy Tulfo; legal wife to the rescue

Many netizens were amazed at the legal wife who calmly dealt with her husband's pregnant mistress who went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to ask for help in getting financial support.

According to the said mistress, Yvonne Sandoval, P/Cpl Christian Peter Garino from the  Quezon City Police  Department (QCPD) Station 7 concealed  his marriage and courted her and made her pregnant after meeting twice in July.

However, Garino is skeptical whether he is the father of the baby because Sandoval is already eight months pregnant. The financial support for the unborn child was also interrupted because the mistress keeps on threatening the policeman.

As a resolution, Raffy Tulfo urged the legal wife to continue giving financial support to Sandoval. If the child's DNA result would turn negative, the financial support will be stopped and Sandoval has to pay back the couple.

Instead of getting bitter and angry, the legal wife handled the situation calmly and even asserted that she is willing to provide support for the child regardless of the amount that would be legally agreed on. 

Because of this, the netizens applaud the coolness of the legal wife in spite of the infidelity of her husband. On the other hand, many went mad at the policeman for letting his wife face the problem he made.


  1. Nkakayamot ngang lalake.... Garuda na kabit!
    Bait ni ate!

  2. Nkakayamot ngang lalake.... Garuda na kabit!
    Bait ni ate!