Easy steps in applying for factory worker in Japan

Do you wish to work at a factories in Japan? If that's the case, you're in good company. Many people all across the world, not only in the Philippines, aspire to work in Japan, particularly as factory workers.

Japan has more than 190,000 factories in a wide range of industries, there are many career opportunities.

In Japan, a factory worker might make approximately 160,000 yen each month. This is the base salary, which is 75,000 pesos per month. However, the wage is highly dependent on a variety of factors, including the company in which you work, whether you are a trainee or actually a factories worker.

Steps by steps guide to applying as a Factory Worker in Japan

Step 1: Be Physically Fit

Before anything else, make sure you're physically fit so you don't have any problems during the medical exam. This examination is necessary for the majority, if not all, applications to work abroad, not just in Japan.

Step 2: Complete Requirements

Make sure that the organization to which you are applying is legitimate. You will avoid being a victim of an illegal recruiter this way. Indeed, illegal recruiters have become such a problem over the years that the Philippine government has taken direct and aggressive action and launched campaigns against them.

Step 3: Complete requirements 

Before you go to the agency, be sure that your requirements are complete. Here are the requirements from that agency that they used in their application:

*Updated Resume

*Valid Passport - photocopy and original. If this is not yet available, you can present the receipt from tha DFA or the delivery receipt from the courier.

*Latest PSA birth certificate - Photocopy and original.

*6 peices latest 2x2 ID pictures - wear formal attire and the background must be white.

*PEOS certificate - you can get this from the PEOS Website. One Long brown expanding envelope.

Step 4: Pass the Interview

Make sure that you pass the interview with the Japanese representative of the company for which you are applying. Here are a few useful tips for passing the interview.

When answering to the Japanese questions, make sure to maintain eye contact. They will notice you this way.

Make sure your voice is audible and your response confident. When you do this, the Japanese will appreciate it.

Your responses should be brief and to the point. Simply respond directly to the direct question.

Step 5: Learn the Japanese Language

This is one of the conditions for working in Japan. Because you will be working in the country, you must learn their native language. It is the language that will be utilized the most at work and in everyday situations.

In truth, just a few Japanese people are fluent in English. You might hear them speak English, but only in very short, rudimentary words. That is why you must make the change.

In four months, you will have learned Japanese. If you pass the interview, the company where you applied will fund you to learn the language for free.

However, during the learning process, you will be spending on the following:



*Accommodation - you will pay for this since you are staying in the building where you will be learning the language.

* Other expenses - these include your transportation fare.

Learning Nihongo is really challenging at first. But don't give up. Consider your motivation, which is to go to Japan and work in order to have a better future. Give it everything you've got.

Sakura is the name of the school where they studied Japanese. For four months, you spend the entire morning till the afternoon in the classroom. It's difficult, but it's the only way to acquire the essentials of the language in a few months.

That is why it is critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy throughout the process to maximize your learning. The teachers at school are quite qualified, so you will undoubtedly learn from them.

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