Straight or not? Bimby, son of Kris Aquino, answers gay rumor

To clarify the truth, Bimby Aquino Yap, son of the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino, finally spoke up regarding the rumor saying that he is gay.

In a 20-minute vlog posted on Facebook, Kris did a heart-to-heart talk with Bimby as he celebrated his 14th birthday on April 19.

In the video, Kris mentioned to Bimby the spreading gay rumor about him.

Confidently, Bimby said that he is not a  gay and he is not attracted to boys.

 "I'll set the record straight. I'm straight. I like women. I don't like boys," said Bimby.

He also told his mom that he does not really care what other people might assume regarding his sexual orientation. 

"Wala, I don't feel anything...I just feel like, 'Sige, if you think I'm gay, all right, dude. But you do realize na that gay community sa Philippines is a strong community," the 14-year-old teen said.

Kris, on the other hand, assured Bimby that she will be a supportive mother no matter what path he would like to take.

"Whatever you are, I'll accept you...I really don't care, honestly. Parang whatever you chose to be, it will be fine with me for as long as you excel," said Kris.


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