6-year-old kid weighs more than 70 kg; often targeted by bullies

Almost everyone finds children cute when they are fat and chubby but will it still be pleasant enough to see a child whose weight is as heavy as an adult?

This is the story of a 6-year-old boy named Arby whose weight is more than 70 kilograms, heavy enough to be considered abnormal for his age.

According to his Nanay Babylene, Arby was four kilos when he was born.

During that time, she was very thankful to have a healthy baby boy but as time passed by, she constantly noticed that Arby's weight is increasing every week.

When Arby turned two and a half old, he grew heavier that his mother could no longer carry him.

"Kapag binubuhat ko siya, para akong nagbubuhat ng isang kabang bigas," said Nanay Babylene.

With Arby's weight, he is always being bullied by some kids and often being called "Baboy."

‘Yung mga kalaro ko, tinatawag nila akong ‘Baboy! Baboy!’ Sobrang sakit po. Tao naman din po kasi ako eh. Hindi naman ako baboy,' shared Arby.

He is also having difficulty moving like raising his hands, and doing things like taking a bath and wearing his clothes because of his weight.

Nanay Babylene wanted him to be checked by a doctor but because of their financial limitation she has no choice but to let her child suffer from his condition.

The full story of Arby will be featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho  on Sunday (April 10).

Source: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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