Sheryl Cruz talks about chance of falling in love with onscreen partner Jeric Gonzales

The relationship of the actress Sheryl Cruz and actor Jeric Gonzales is one of the hot topics in showbiz that the  public continues to speculate.

Rumor says, aside from being on screen partners in an afternoon drama series "Magkaagaw," the two are currently sharing an intimate relationship.

Both of them already clarified already that they are no more than coworkers and friends but intrigues continued to intensify when Sheryl talked about Jeric in her Youtube videos she called "Ask Sheryl."

In the video, Sheryl answered questions, which is about Jeric most of the time, coming from her viewers.

One netizens asked whether there could be a chance for her and Jeric to be engaged in a relationship together. The actress did not go deeper to the question but responded "abangan" which triggered a lot of netizens to suspect more.

Another fan asked Sheryl as to what dish can he compare Jeric. The actress then said that Jeric is like her favorite "pochero," because the actor according to her is "kumpletos rekados" which is synonymous with “full packaged.”

When asked if she ever had get sulk or "tampo" to Jeric, she just mysteriously said that it's for her and Jeric to know.

To answer the question if she prefers dating an older or younger guy, Sheryl shared that most of the time she gets along with young men for as long as they understand each other. She added that she does not only limit herself from older guys because as long as someone is willing to get to know her as a person and not just a famous showbiz personality, she will definitely be interested.

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