Indigent patient pays debt to doctor who lent him money to buy medication


A "doctor to the barrio" in the municipality of Loon, Bohol was surprised after one of his patients whom he lent some money to buy medication a long time ago came back to pay him.

According to Dr. Alfie Calingacion, last year there was a patient who had no money to purchase the  drugs that he prescribed. As a response, he gave the patient some money so he could buy his medication.

He added that he offered the money to the patient without expecting him to return because he just wanted him to get better with his condition.

After six months. Dr. Calingacion once again saw the patient. He thought that the patient came for another medical check-up, but to his surprise, the patient handed him a folded paper with some money inside of it and said that that was his payment for the money the doctor lent to him.

Dr. Calingacion was left dumbfounded and amazed because he did not expect that in spite of the patient’s financial constraint, he still managed to be kind and to be pure-hearted by being honest and responsible with his debt.

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